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019: Brittniann McBride & Why She is Upset w/ Victoria's Secret...Plus much more!

Britniann loves helping empower other women to love themselves no matter what. We discuss everything from her family's reaction to her coming out, what the gay scene is like in Georgia, and our thoughts about Victoria's Secret. 

If you want to follow Kim and see what her podcast is all about you can check out Generosity Philosophy or visit her YouTube Channel

Her children's book is for sale in Amazon if you'd like to check that out CLICK HERE. 

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Where is Molly!? Don't worry, she'll be back. Brenna is the guest on this show, however, and gives a lot of her personal story about coming out to her co-workers and family. We chat about Pride and even having kids. 

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We asked in the OK2BeLGBT Facebook Group if you had any questions you'd like us to answer, and thanks to your great questions, we made this whole show about answering your questions. 

Please leave us a rating and review (which is SUPER helpful!) in iTunes if you enjoy the show. 

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Discussing the 2014 Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index, as well as a chat about the transgender child rapper who is just so stinking adorable. 


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We would like to invite you to join our facebook group. If you'd like to be a guest or have an idea for a guest, please let us know. Thanks!

Kim & Molly

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We discuss a story about a guy who's gay and involved with the NRA, the GLAAD TV Network Ratings, as well as some other things about our personal lives. Hope you enjoyed the show. Come be a part of our community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ok2beLGBT

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Salt Lake City, Utah has an LGBT community! Molly talks about her trip to Atlanta, Georgia in this show. We talk about a book we would like to read, and Molly discusses a letter she received a year ago....and gets pretty fired up about it!

Read more, see more, come engage with us at Our Website

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Discussing stereotypes and media about LGBT in this week's show. 

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This weekend was amazing! We discuss our experiences about Podcast Movement in Dallas, TX in this week's show. 

See more and check out past shows at our WEBSITE. 

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Thoughts about Facebook, Some Politics, College Improvements for the LGBT community, & Gay Organ Donor’s Tissue Rejected. Please forgive Kim's crazy voice! Learn more at http://Ok2BeLGBT.com 

Join our Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ok2beLGBT

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Where to go if you're LGBT, and what's with people and their Facebook relationship status!? Read more at http://ok2belgbt.com 



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This week's guest is Cindy Abel. She is the Producer and Directof of Surviving The Silence: Love & Impossible Choices. We learn from Cindy the couragous and inspiring story line of the documentary. In this documentary Colonel Patsy Thompson of the Army National Guard presided over the board that dismissed Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer from the military for being a lesbian. Well, Colonel Patsy Thompson was a lesbian too!

You can see more photos and learn more about the documentary from our website http://ok2beLGBT.com


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In this episode we answer listeners questions from our Facebook Group. Thanks everyone. Molly tells a few jokes and we talk about various things we're excited about that are upcoming for August 2014. 


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In this episode Molly & Kim discuss what their experiences have been with coming out at work. The topic of Florida and Oklahoma recently finding the bans on gay marriage as unconstitutional is discussed, they chat about the 2014 ESPN Body Images, as well as the Award Michael Sam won. 

Hear more stories and check out photos at http://ok2belgbt.com



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In this Episode we discuss the America's Got Talent song regarding an old man singing a song about a transgender person. We also talk about who we have crushes on in the Television and Movie space. Lastly, we share what our experiences have been to be lesbians and be in public places such as restaurants. 

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In Episode 4 we, as lesbians, talk about the struggles we both have (and maybe you have to!) about when to dress comfortable in our "guy clothes" and when we wear women's clothing. 


Read more at http://ok2belgbt.com

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In Episode 3 we talk about our own experiences with having ceremonies to unite with our partners/wives. We also talk about our football experiences, and discuss a bit about finances. See more photos at http://ok2belgbt.com

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In Episode 2 Kim & Molly discuss their experiences at Pride this year. We chat about "Orange Is The New Black" and discuss a bit about Christianity and our experiences with being gay and religious beliefs. Read and see some photos at http://ok2belgbt.com 

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In this 1st Episode we discuss our stories of coming out to our Moms. Hope you enjoy it. Please share your stories with us and join our Facebook Group.

Read more and stay up to date with our shows at http://ok2belgbt.com


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