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July 2014
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In this episode we answer listeners questions from our Facebook Group. Thanks everyone. Molly tells a few jokes and we talk about various things we're excited about that are upcoming for August 2014. 


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In this episode Molly & Kim discuss what their experiences have been with coming out at work. The topic of Florida and Oklahoma recently finding the bans on gay marriage as unconstitutional is discussed, they chat about the 2014 ESPN Body Images, as well as the Award Michael Sam won. 

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In this Episode we discuss the America's Got Talent song regarding an old man singing a song about a transgender person. We also talk about who we have crushes on in the Television and Movie space. Lastly, we share what our experiences have been to be lesbians and be in public places such as restaurants. 

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In Episode 4 we, as lesbians, talk about the struggles we both have (and maybe you have to!) about when to dress comfortable in our "guy clothes" and when we wear women's clothing. 


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In Episode 3 we talk about our own experiences with having ceremonies to unite with our partners/wives. We also talk about our football experiences, and discuss a bit about finances. See more photos at http://ok2belgbt.com

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In Episode 2 Kim & Molly discuss their experiences at Pride this year. We chat about "Orange Is The New Black" and discuss a bit about Christianity and our experiences with being gay and religious beliefs. Read and see some photos at http://ok2belgbt.com 

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In this 1st Episode we discuss our stories of coming out to our Moms. Hope you enjoy it. Please share your stories with us and join our Facebook Group.

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